Green Tea Facial Mask
  1. Though it isn’t necessary, I highly recommend grinding the contents of your tea bag into a fine powder. I used a mortar and pestle, but you could also use a high-powered food processor.
  2. Mix the green tea powder and baking soda, adding honey until the mixture turns into a thick paste.
  3. Rinse your face and pat dry with a towel. Like most homemade masks, the mixture can be a bit messy, so use a headband to ensure that the mask doesn’t get into your hairline and apply over a sink!
  4. Let the mixture dry for 10 minutes (or 5 minutes for dry/sensitive skin), then rinse off with tepid water.
  5. For maximum skin brightening effects, gently rub your skin in small circular motions to exfoliate as you remove the mask.
  6. Once the mask has been rinsed off your face, dry your skin and apply a light lotion.
Recipe by Numi Tea Blog at